Monday, January 7, 2008


What with the presidential political season going on, I've been tuning into debates between candidates in which great men and women, along with cold fish and angry gnomes, present their stances on the pressing issues that face the nation today in their own words. (Or word.) For instance, take the Democratic ABC/Facebook debates that went on this past Saturday:

Clinton: [Definitively] Change.

Obama: [With passion] Change!

Clinton: [Facing Obama with a chastising look] Change.

Obama: [Facing Clinton and raising his tone slightly] Change!

Clinton: [Puh-leez!] Cha-hange!

Edwards: [Sort of a "you guyyys!!" voice] Chaaange!

Clinton: [Ignoring Edwards] Change!!

Obama: [With a cool air] Change.

Clinton: [Angrily] CHANGE!!

Richardson: Well, I wanted to discuss Darfur--

Obama: [Stares at Richardson.]

Edwards: [Stares with mouth gaping open.]

Clinton: [Angry stare at Richardson.]

[A Pause.]

Edwards: [Clears throat.] Change.

I think the moderator won.

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